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Title: Perhaps Uncle Harry Was Right After All
Author: [livejournal.com profile] terachan
Ship: Teddy/Victoire
Word Count: 100 x 3
Rating: PG
Challange: #58 Transfiguration
Author's Note:  Unbeta'd. Written for [info]hp_nextgen100 

Five Years Old

Teddy hated Victoire Weasley. She was nosy, loud, annoying and... a girl.

Teddy didn't like girls.

They threw you bat-bogey hexes, like aunt Ginny, and threw enraged canaries against you, like aunt Hermione.

Uncle Harry told him that one day he would changed his mind about the girls, but Teddy didn't believe him.

Boys were more cool. They played Quidditch and rubbed in the mud.

Victoire Weasley, however, forced him to play with her ​​stupid dolls and criticized his dirty clothes.

She was such a hassle!

"Teddy, transfigure your nose into a pig nose"

"You forgot the magic word, Victoire"


Twelve Years Old

Teddy loved Hogwarts. He had made many friends who considered him cool due to his Metamorphmagus ability. He always had good grades and the teachers treated him with respect because he was Harry Potter's godson.

Really, Teddy's first year was perfect.

But then came the trouble, commonly known as Victoire Weasley.

She and her stupid, scented, shiny blonde hair were stealing his popularity.

And why the boys were falling at her feet? She was not so beautiful, with her ​​glowing skin, bright smile and blue eyes, Merlin's beard!

"Teddy, transfigure your ears into an elephant ears"

"You're a nuisance, Victiore"


Sixteen Yers Old

Teddy was a young man with clear ideas.

The dark magic was wrong, Quidditch was fun, study was important, after school he would become an Auror like his mother and Uncle Harry and Victiore Weasley was hideous. Easy!

But Teddy was confused.

Why did his heart beat strongly as Victoire passed him?

Why did he feel his skin tingle, every time she touched him?

"Stop transfiguring my heart, Teddy!"

"I don't have this power, Victoire"

"Then why do I feel a pang every time I see you?"

"I feel it too. But I think it's because I can't stand you"
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