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Title: Silence
Author: [personal profile] terachan 
Pairing: Albus/Scorpius
Word Count: 100 x 2
Rating: G
Author's Note: Unbeta'd. I've never written slash before, but I really like the couple Albus/Scorpius, so I decided give it a try. Hope you enjoy it. Written for the prompt #59 Herbology and #60 Astronomy @ [info]hp_nextgen100

Albus put on the headphones, as instructed by Nev- Professor Longbottom.

His classmates' chatter and the strange noises emitted by the plants of the greenhouse stopped as suddenly as when grandfather Artur unplug the radio.

Albus loved the silence, the artificial feeling of being free.

He looked in front of him and observed Scorpius' blond hair and his angular profile. His precise and meticulous movements, as he extracted the mandrake.

With the dying wish to remain so forever, in absolute silence, as around him his peers were struggling with their plants and Scorpius Malfoy looked up and their eyes meet.


The wind blows cold and whipping on the Astronomy Tower and Albus tightened his cloak, unsure if the thrills came from the cold November night or the awareness of what was coming.

Scorpius seemed determined not to speak, even if he'd been the one to leave a note to Albus saying he want to meet him.

Albus didn't mind, he had always loved the silence. He wasn't very good with words.

A hand bathed by the moonlight entered his vision field and Albus took it. It was cold and delicate and everything they needed.

There was no need for words.

Date: 2011-04-17 03:51 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] mblfree
Aw, questa è davvero carina.
Mi piace l'idea del silenzio come filo conduttore, dà un senso di calma attesa e languida contentezza che trovo appropriato per questa coppia (sarà che mi viene spontaneo un paragone con i rispettivi padri, costretti a crescere troppo in fretta nella confusione e tra gli orrori della guerra).
Molto dolce, mi è proprio piaciuta.
Sai che questo significa che dovrai scrivere ancora Al/Scorpius, vero? ;D

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