Mar. 16th, 2020

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Who is Tera?

Tera is 23 years old, the youngest and only girl of four children. She loves feeling protected by her older brothers.

Tera has a dog who can open doors. She loves her like a daughter.

Tera has a boyfriend with whom she shared 7 years of happiness and with whom she hopes to spend the rest of her life.

Tera is Italian and has yet to understand how it happened that she has started writing fanfic in English.

One day Tera will learn to speak English and will stop making so many grammatical errors.

Tera likes to read. She reads everything and if she finds a book that she is particularly passionate about, she waives the primary functions of life to finish it.

Tera morbidly loves Harry Potter. She spends hours and hours looking for fanfic because she can't get enough of it.

Tera ships Harry/Ginny, primarily, but enjoy all canon couples.

In a fanfic Tera loves the characters well defined, funny styles, snappy dialogues, sex scenes (and who doesn't), references to magic items, happy endings, ambiguities, angst but always with a happy ending.

Tera is an easy going girl, she speaks only when requested, is introverted, loves solitude and likes to talk about her in third person.

Tera loves to make new friends so feel free to friend her.

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